Growing 25,000 tree seedlings in Indonesia

  • Organization: Fairventures Worldwide
  • Category: Environment
  • Location: Indonesia, Borneo
  • Duration: 180 days
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Research conducted by ETH-Zurich shows that there is now about 900,000,000 hectares of land available for reforestation - without any restrictions on existing infrastructure or agriculture. This is roughly 25 times the area of Germany.

Through the process of photosynthesis, CO₂ accumulates in trees. The chemical reaction of water and carbon dioxide creates new biomass, consisting mainly of carbon, and produces oxygen. The carbon stock is distributed throughout the tree. Some is underground in the roots and soil, but carbon is also stored in the trunk, branches, and leaves.

It means that planting trees and reforestation around the Earth is an important component to solving the climate crisis.

About Fairventures Worldwide

Fairventures Worldwide is a non-profit organization based in Stuttgart, Germany. We combine forestry and modern technologies to reforest degraded areas in the tropics. In cooperation with smallholder farmers in Indonesia and Uganda, we create sustainable forests from timber and food crops. These provide local people with a secure income, help to preserve biodiversity and counteract climate change.

We are convinced that global reforestation requires more than just planting trees. That's why we follow a holistic approach, which is based on close cooperation with local farmers.

Our Borneo Tree nursery

In so-called Farmer Field Schools, the experiences and knowledge of smallholder farmers are supplemented with knowledge from expert foresters. In the courses, participants learn basic concepts and techniques of agroforestry and apply them in workshops in the field.

Each year our plantations and those of our partners grow hundreds of thousands of seedlings. During the planting season, we distribute the seedlings free of charge to local smallholder farmers, who plant them and then take care of the planted trees.

Once the trees have grown to a significant size, our team links smallholder farmers with the wood processing industry to provide a sustainable source of income to them. We also explore new uses for the planted lightwoods. For instance, we aim to introduce them in the construction sector, where they can replace emission-intensive materials such as concrete.

Growing 25,000 seedlings in Indonesia

As part of Humance project, we will grow 25,000 tree seedlings on our plantation in Indonesia and distribute them for free to smallholder farmers. The trees will be planted by farmers and will fulfill their mission to remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

Support our project and help us fight climate change!


Wolfgang Baum


Wolfgang is the CEO of Fairventures Worldwide and manages forest restoration in Indonesia and Uganda

Megan King

Executive Director

Megan lead local groups in Indonesia and Uganda working on small farmer reforestation


Country Director Indonesia

Rayanansi is the local executive director in Indonesia and provides Fairventures Worldwide in this region

Ulrike Guse

Finance Director

Ulrike serves as Chief Finance Officer and oversees all financial processes at Fairventures Worldwide

James Thembo

Forestry Manager

James is involved in training local farmers and working on a global reforestation strategy

Rainer Henke

Fundraising Manager

Rainer is involved in fundraising process for Fairventures Worldwide team projects in Indonesia and Uganda


25,000 seedlings and all costs (5€ each)
Fairventures Worldwide
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