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Join Humance and focus on what matters — your projects that make the world a better place. Let's collaborate for a sustainable future.


Actions speak louder than words

We value projects that result in real and measurable change on the ground. Small steps and cumulative impact can solve even the most global of humanity's problems.


Project progress
across stages

Explore the journey of Humance projects through vital stages. Every project starts with fundraising, moves on to project implementation, and celebrates successful completions, marking tangible impact achieved by making the project a reality.



Humance provides fundraising from philanthropists and companies for the project until the goal is reached



Dive into real-world action, implement your strategies, go on that journey, and make a difference



Mark the completion of your project, showcasing the tangible positive impact achieved


Engage your supporters with unique content

Keep your supporters in the loop with engaging content and updates in storyline format. Involve them in your journey towards sustainable change.


Gain trust through transparency

Establish credibility and trust by demonstrating a transparent process and adding expenses during project implementation.


Build your legacy with a project portfolio

Curate and display your team's remarkable projects in a dedicated portfolio. Make a positive impact that stays in history.


Getting started
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Book a call

Schedule a call with the Humance team to discuss your projects and start your journey

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Create your team's account on the Humance platform and get verified within a few days

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Create your project

Use your team account to create and design your project in Humance, adhering to all standards

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How does Humance support our projects?

Humance empowers your team by providing a platform to showcase, fund, and implement your impactful projects. We offer visibility, funding opportunities, and tools for engaging with philanthropists invested in your mission.

Is there a cost to join Humance as a team?

Signing up as a team on Humance is free. However, there may be platform fees associated with project funding. Get in touch with our team to explore the fee structure.

How can our team ensure transparency in project funding and implementation?

Transparency and accountability are paramount on Humance. We provide a comprehensive set of tools enabling your team to meticulously track and display all project-related expenses, ensuring transparency for philanthropists. This commitment to openness serves as a safeguard against fraud and reinforces trust between your team and supporters.

Can we get help during the project implementation phase?

Absolutely. We offer comprehensive support throughout your project's journey. From planning to execution, our team is dedicated to providing guidance, resources, and expertise. Also, we provide a dedicated content creator to assist in crafting compelling content for your project, ensuring its success and impact.

What kind of projects does Humance support?

Humance supports a wide array of projects aimed at environmental conservation, social impact, sustainability, and more. From tree-planting initiatives to community empowerment programs, we welcome diverse projects that make a positive difference.

How can our team collaborate with Humance?

Collaborating with Humance starts with an online meeting between your team and ours. To schedule this meeting, find the appropriate button on this page. During the meeting, we discuss your organization's activities, ongoing projects, and explore ways to collaborate effectively. Following the meeting, your team proceeds to register, undergo verification, and create your official Humance account to begin our collaboration.