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Humance unites unique organizations worldwide, empowering you to support local projects globally, from Africa's vast deserts to Antarctica's icy expanses, from planting trees to preserving rare species. Dive into the movement and track the worldwide impact you create.

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Become a force for positive change as a Philanthropist who supports projects, a Company that contributes to a better world through a Humance CSR solution, or a Team that takes direct action. Join Humance to make a difference today.



Individuals support unique projects worldwide and become a catalyst for global change

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Mission-driven businesses use the Humance to increase customer loyalty and positively impact the planet

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Organizations take direct action and implement unique projects that make a difference in the world

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Track every aspect of project financials – from transactions to current balances, spending, receipts, etc. Transparency isn't just a promise. It's our commitment to your trust.


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Win over the 91% of consumers who prefer companies with a positive impact. Start your Corporate Social Responsibility journey with Humance.

Companies & Philanthropists

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Philanthropists and consumers get exclusive content in a storyline format, actively engaging in the project's journey. Feel your impact with Humance.


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Action-driven teams use Humance to get funding for their projects and make them a reality. Join the movement and care about the planet, not funding.


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We unify similar projects with shared missions into thematic groups. Navigate to your desired group, explore diverse projects, and immerse yourself in addressing specific global challenges. Take action and change the world with Humance today.

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Humance values for
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By fostering a community committed to taking small and impactful actions, we pave the way to address humanity's global challenges. Every Humance community member contributes to creating significant change, aligning their efforts to make the world a better place.

Small steps matter
Great transformations are a result of taking consistent small steps
Act on the ground
Real actions on the ground speak louder than words
Prioritizing openness for trust in the Humance community


What is Humance, and how does it work?

Humance is a platform that fosters positive global change by connecting individuals, companies, and organizations with impactful projects worldwide. It functions as a hub where users can support, track, and engage with various projects to make a difference in environmental conservation, disaster relief, and more. Make the world a better place — all within a unified platform designed for collective action.

How can I get involved with Humance projects?

As a philanthropist, engaging with Humance projects is a direct and impactful process. Explore our diverse range of initiatives aimed at addressing pressing global issues. Once you've found a project aligned with your interests and values, simply choose to support it financially. Your contributions play a crucial role in driving these projects forward, creating a tangible impact on the ground. Follow the project's progress, engage with updates, and witness the transformative power of your support.

As a company, empower your impact on a global scale by launching a customized Corporate Social Responsibility program through Humance. Contribute 1% or more from each sale to support various projects worldwide. Not only does this commitment align with the values of 91% of consumers who prefer socially responsible companies, but it also enhances customer loyalty, increases sales, and contributes to overall brand success. Join us in making a positive impact while strengthening your company's connection with customers.

As a team, engaging with Humance offers you an avenue to secure funding for impactful projects. Suppose your organization has a project aimed at making a positive difference. In that case, you can apply to feature it on the Humance platform. We welcome initiatives that align with our mission to drive global change. Once approved, your project gains visibility to our community of contributors and supporters, providing an opportunity to secure funding from individuals, companies, and teams passionate about driving impactful change. Join us in bringing your project to life and making a meaningful difference.

How does Humance ensure the credibility of its projects and organizations?

Ensuring the credibility of projects and organizations on Humance is paramount. We employ rigorous vetting processes and verification checks to authenticate the legitimacy and impact potential of initiatives featured on our platform. We collaborate with trusted partners and use strict guidelines to maintain transparency and accountability.

What kind of impact can my support make?

Every contribution on the Humance platform, no matter the size, has a significant impact. Your support directly influences the progress of projects, whether it's planting trees, aiding humanitarian causes, or driving sustainability efforts. Each contribution collectively propels these initiatives, creating a tangible, positive impact on communities, environments, and global causes.

How transparent is Humance about project progress and fund allocation?

Transparency lies at the core of Humance. We provide comprehensive updates, tracking the progress of projects and the allocation of funds during the project implementation. Supporters have access to real-time updates, detailed reports, financial statements, and receipts, providing complete transparency into the utilization of their contributions and the impact they're making.

Is Humance a nonprofit organization?

No, Humance operates as a for-profit startup company. Combining positive impact with a sustainable business model leads to vast opportunities for growth, enabling us to amplify our positive influence on the planet. Our platform incorporates a commission structure within most projects, generating revenue crucial for marketing, payroll, operational costs, and scaling initiatives. This approach empowers us to expand Humance globally and drive meaningful change worldwide.